10.51pm, 11 January 2007
More nice people ... with a lovely mention on SMTAOOB, a very cool Tee blog ... HERE. Thank you!
10.38pm, 1 January 2007
The lovely people at the Sunday Times have written a nice article about Sideline. Do have a read HERE. Enjoy.
10.30pm, 1 January 2007
you have to scroll ALL the way down, but YewKnee.com have been lovely about Rob Malpensa and Jon's work ... CHECK IT .
8.30am, 1 January 2007
Happy new year from all at Sideline!
8.34pm, 8 October 2006
We are in print and everything. Just posted the pages from T-Shirt 360 in the ilovesideline Weblog. Check it out!
9.14pm, 22 September 2006
Look, look, someone else likes the stuff. And I became a model on the internet. Mad world, I tell you. Check out our piece on T-shirt Island.
10.56am, 21 September 2006
Another day, another person who discovers the joys of Sideline. Thanks to Hide Your Arms for the kind mention
12.10pm, 15 September 2006
Another person being nice about us ... They Love Our Shirt.
10.12pm, 13 September 2006
We have got all carried away and have popped ourselves on MySpace. Come and chat if you want to ... Sideline MySpace.
2.17am, 10 September 2006
Yawn ... just before bed, thanks to Teees.com, the best T-shirt blog on the web, for being nice about our Jon Burgermans ... HERE.

4.17pm, 3 September 2006
More shout outs to people who have mentioned us ... Big thanks to PekBlog for their piece. It's in French, so we hope they are nice. HERE.

4.55pm, 29 August 2006
Some nice people at The Dog House blog have said some nice things about the Jon Burgerman Tees ... HERE.
4.55pm, 25 August 2006
A quick thank you for the mention to Shaz on his new Blog. Sweet, ta very much. HERE.
4.55pm, 25 August 2006
Been a long time since I updated this. And there isn't masses to say. We're thinking of going onto eBay.co.uk to sell. That's what is on our minds today, anyhow.

1.17pm, 16 July 2006
A rather belated thank you to Fat Controller magazine for mentioning us in a Jon Burgerman interview. Cheers! READ IT.

9.01pm, 22 April 2006
We have made a brave new move into the happy world of limited edition artwork. We have some fantastic one-off works by Rob Malpensa HERE.
11.45am, 2 March 2006
We have new Tees ... hurrah. Check out the new Rob Malpensa T-shirts HERE and HERE.

1.21pm, 7 February 2006
Thanks to TeeJunkie for saying such nice things about our new Rob Malpensa tees. And to Rob Malpensa's site for linking to Sideline.
8.21pm, 25 January 2006
Hullo all. Just thought that we would mention that there are some more new Tees on their way from DG PH. See some past work in the ilovesideline Weblog. Here soon.
10.41pm, 2 January 2006
Happy new year ...!

9.21pm, 14 December 2005
Hullo there. Just to say that we can still take orders up until the 19th December for Christmas. Jingle bells ... jingle bells. Lovely. etc.

10.16pm, 8 November 2005
The new T-Shirt competition with Fused Magazine has launched. See THIS PAGE for more information about the whole thing and vote for the next Sideline Tees!.
8.17am, 4 November 2005
New Tees coming soon ... check out the new Roberto Malpensa Tee designs in the ilovesideline Weblog. They will be here REALLY soon.
9.52pm, 11 October 2005
Another thank you ... this time to DesignSpotter, who have taken a liking to our Jon Burgerman Ts ...
7.48pm, 9 October 2005
Thank you to the lovely people at www.Shirt2.de for listing the Sideline site. Please vote for us so that more people can enjoy our wares ... HERE.
6.44pm, 3 October 2005
Thanks to happy shopper, Chris Reed for his insightful comment ... "In my leaping dog t-shirt, the ladies went ker-azy for me." Good for you fella, good for you. To see the T-shirt responsible for this outpouring of lust, click HERE.
1.13pm, 28 September 2005
Vote Burgerman! Vote for Jon Burgerman's fab piece of Wipeout-inspired art at CoolHunting. HERE.
11.03am, 26 September 2005
We got our first ever testimonial from a new Sideline convert ... James, 27, SE London said ... "It's a fact, girls like you more in Sideline T-shirts". Cheers very much.

5.24pm, 25 September 2005
Two weeks in and we just wanted to say thanks to all the lovely people who have bought from us. And that we have started a "links we like" section. HERE.

10.30pm, 11 September 2005
We went to the V&A today to find out that Jon Burgerman is on display there. Nice stickers by the fella near the cafe. Hurrah!
8.34pm, 9 September 2005
There are some cracking new designs just up from illustrator and star Jon Burgerman.
7.44pm, 8 September 2005
Welcome to the happy world of Sideline. The site has just launched, so please take some time to look around.